As faithful followers of Christ, we are called to be Jesus’ hands, feet, eyes, ears, and voice to the world. Every one of us has been gifted with certain talents to fulfill this calling at this time, in this place. We at Wayne Church have implemented a Team Ministry model—the core purpose of which is to allow the passion to serve (already present in the church family) to rise up and lead us into the future. Our Team Ministry Catalog linked below summarizes the ministries we offer to our church family, our community, our city, and the world. Along with the Commitment Card, these two documents provide the necessary tools to empower us to grow in accomplishing our mission as a church—to Love and Serve Through Christ.

These ministries are divided into 4 categories: NURTURE, OUTREACH, WITNESS, and RESOURCE.

  • NURTURE is teaching, preparing, and equipping the people of the church for ministry within our community and the world – what we do for those who come to the church.
  • OUTREACH focuses ministries beyond the walls of the church building – what we do for those who don’t come to the church.
  • WITNESS gives people an opportunity to share our faith in word and deed – how we share our experience of the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ.
  • RESOURCES effectively utilize the human resources, economic support, facilities, organization, and administrative processes of the congregation in coordination with the greater United Methodist Church.

The purpose of the Ministry Team Catalog and the Commitment Card is to provide every member of our church family the opportunity to apply our gifts and participate in the ministry of Wayne Church. Its contents outline and summarize each of the ministry teams dedicated to providing work in each of the 4 categories. If you are an active member of our church family, your task is to carefully review this list and prayerfully decide where you wish to minister in these 4 areas. Many ministries on this list may already be underway in your life as you live out God’s call; others may interest you as new opportunities to serve. If you feel called to lead in a ministry not listed here, a form has been provided below for your desire to begin something new. We are always interested in helping our church family’s gifts find their fullest expression in ministry!

Completing our Ministry Team Commitment Cards is an annual event that reminds us of the importance of being Christ’s body in a broken world. Undergoing the process each year also allows us to try new ministries as God calls us throughout our journey. We encourage our members to take the time to review the provided materials, talk with their families, and pray about their commitment. We then ask that you bring your card to worship on a designated Sunday (usually in May). During worship, together our church family brings our commitment cards to be dedicated to God’s service. Our goal moving forward is threefold: to make sure we are clear about our mission in the world; we are focused on people and our role in their lives; and we are willing to do the hard work that Christ calls us to do. If you have questions concerning the Ministry Team Model, please do not hesitate to contact our senior pastor or a member of our Leadership Council.

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