There is an annual Wayne Church tradition of gathering a very special Christmas offering, where 100% goes to those outside our church. Most of us have been richly blessed by the lord, but there are those among us in our communities and around the world that do not have enough. 

We challenge our church members to give to the Christmas Challenge an equivalent amount to what they would spend on Christmas gift giving. For some, that means reducing what we buy for others by half, so we can give the other half to the Christmas Challenge. For others, that means balancing the gifts we’re giving to others with an equivalent donation to the Christmas Challenge. 

Our Christmas Challenge committee selects charities and missions where the challenge donation can make a lasting impact and touch as many lives as possible.

2022 Results

For the 2022 Christmas Challenge, the Wayne UMC community was able to impact lives both near and far:

  • We helped with the construction of a school through Sinyea UMC in Liberia
  • We helped buy a van to deliver food and pick people up for worship in Guayna, South America through Chosen 300
  • Closer to home, we helped replaced drywall, plumbing, electrical, exterior doors, flooring, and bathrooms in Otterbein UMC of Mont Clare

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