March 17: Thy Kingdom Come

March 10: Our Father…

March 24: Our Daily Bread

March 31: Forgive Us

April 7: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

April 14: Kingdom, Power, Glory

February 18: Christian Love, Pastor John Shannon

February 10: Reasons for Believing, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 3: Suffering, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 27: Troubling Scriptures, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 20: Religious War, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 13: Hypocrisy in Religion, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 6: Science vs. God, Pastor Tom Ebersole

December 30: So You Think the Celebration is Over? Not on your Life!, Pastor John Shannon

December 24The Story Remains the Same, Pastor Tom Ebersole

December 23What Kind of King?, Pastor Tom Eberosle

December 16Rejoice Always!. Pastor Tom Ebersole

December 9The Kingdom Comes Near, Pastor Tom Ebersole

December 2: Last Things First, Pastor Tom Ebersole

November 25: Please Pass the Turkey, Pastor John Shannon

November 18th: The Path of Righteousness, Pastor Tom Ebersole

November 11th: Wisdom & Money, Pastor Tom Ebersole

November 4th: Life is a Mission Field, Pastor Tom Ebersole

October 28th: Christian Friendship, Pastor Tom Ebersole

October 21: The Fear of the Lord, Pastor Tom Ebersole

October 14: Laity Sunday 2018: Hope, Brian Hamilton & Ashita Schafer

October 7: The Object of Love, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 30: Husbands & Wives, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 9: Called to be Holy, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 16: Sex: God’s Gift – Broken World, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 23: Chosen 300, Brian Jenkin

September 2: God, Politics and the Church, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 5: Resurrection Faith, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 12: Hell, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 19: Judgment Day, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 26: Heaven, Pastor Tom Ebersole

July 29: Jello and Butterflies, Reverend Ed Green

July 22: Reverence, Wonder, Gratitude, Pastor Tom Ebersole

July 15: Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, Pastor Tom Ebersole

July 1Do This Remembrance of Me, Pastor John Shannon

June 24: Standing in the Square, Deacon Ben Caldwell

June 10: True Godliness, Pastor Tom Ebersole

June 3: Raising Up Replacements, Pastor Tom Ebersole

May 27: Responsibility of Freedom, Pastor Tom Ebersole

May 13: Right in the Sight of the Lord, Pastor Tom Ebersole

April 22: Get Him Up, Pastor Thomas Jackson

April 15: Do You Love Me?, Pastor Tom Ebersole

April 8: He Breathed on Them, Pastor Tom Ebersole

April 1: In the Breaking of the Bread, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 29: Maundy Thursday, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 25: Into Your Hands, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 18: I Thirst, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 11: Paradise, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 4: Behold…, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 25: My God, My God, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 18Forgive Them, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 11: Husbands & Wives, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 4: Family, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 28: Coworkers, Reverend Dawn Taylor-Storm

January 14: Friends, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 21: Are You Open?, Pastor John Shannon

November 19: The Secret to a Happy Life, Pastor Tom Ebersole

November 12Fear, Delight, Blessings, Pastor Tom Ebersole

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