December 9The Kingdom Comes Near, Pastor Tom Ebersole

December 2: Last Things First, Pastor Tom Ebersole

December 16: Rejoice Always!

December 23: What Kind of King?

December 24: The Story Remains the Same

November 25: Please Pass the Turkey, Pastor John Shannon

November 18th: The Path of Righteousness, Pastor Tom Ebersole

November 11th: Wisdom & Money, Pastor Tom Ebersole

November 4th: Life is a Mission Field, Pastor Tom Ebersole

October 28th: Christian Friendship, Pastor Tom Ebersole

October 21: The Fear of the Lord, Pastor Tom Ebersole

October 14: Laity Sunday 2018: Hope, Brian Hamilton & Ashita Schafer

October 7: The Object of Love, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 30: Husbands & Wives, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 9: Called to be Holy, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 16: Sex: God’s Gift – Broken World, Pastor Tom Ebersole

September 23: Chosen 300, Brian Jenkin

September 2: God, Politics and the Church, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 5: Resurrection Faith, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 12: Hell, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 19: Judgment Day, Pastor Tom Ebersole

August 26: Heaven, Pastor Tom Ebersole

July 29: Jello and Butterflies, Reverend Ed Green

July 22: Reverence, Wonder, Gratitude, Pastor Tom Ebersole

July 15: Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, Pastor Tom Ebersole

July 1Do This Remembrance of Me, Pastor John Shannon

June 24: Standing in the Square, Deacon Ben Caldwell

June 10: True Godliness, Pastor Tom Ebersole

June 3: Raising Up Replacements, Pastor Tom Ebersole

May 27: Responsibility of Freedom, Pastor Tom Ebersole

May 13: Right in the Sight of the Lord, Pastor Tom Ebersole

April 22: Get Him Up, Pastor Thomas Jackson

April 15: Do You Love Me?, Pastor Tom Ebersole

April 8: He Breathed on Them, Pastor Tom Ebersole

April 1: In the Breaking of the Bread, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 29: Maundy Thursday, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 25: Into Your Hands, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 18: I Thirst, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 11: Paradise, Pastor Tom Ebersole

March 4: Behold…, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 25: My God, My God, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 18Forgive Them, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 11: Husbands & Wives, Pastor Tom Ebersole

February 4: Family, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 28: Coworkers, Reverend Dawn Taylor-Storm

January 14: Friends, Pastor Tom Ebersole

January 21: Are You Open?, Pastor John Shannon

November 19: The Secret to a Happy Life, Pastor Tom Ebersole

November 12Fear, Delight, Blessings, Pastor Tom Ebersole

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