The Wayne Church Leadership Council is a team of eight to ten laypeople plus the Senior Pastor of the church. This team has general oversight of the administration and program of the local church and its primary task is to oversee the mission and vision of the congregation. This mission includes the work of Christian nurture, outreach and witness within the church family, in the community outside the church and our world.

Top row, left to right: Julia Fisher, Jarrod Quigley, Pastor Tom Ebersole, Elizabeth Seduonov, John Wannenburg
Bottom row, left to right: Carolyn King-Layden, Beth Lindgren, Sue Scott, Juan de Leon

If you want to learn more about your church leadership or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a member of your leadership team.

Julia Fisher – jjfish3@verizon.net
Jarrod Quigley – jarrodquigley@yahoo.com
Pastor Tom Ebersole – T.ebersole@wayneumc.org
Elizabeth Sedunov – emmsedunov@gmail.com
John Wannenburg – john@wanncomm.com
Carolyn King-Layden – CKing24@comcast.net
Beth Lindgren – bethandstan@gmail.com
Sue Scott – sscott@seic.com
Juan de Leon – juanarc1@comcast.net
Scott Wilson (not pictured) – S.wilson@wayneumc.org