On May 26, Carolyn King-Layden, member of Trustee and liaison to the Leadership Council, updated the congregation that in June, our church will be getting a new fire safety panel. This project will last about one week and it is something that the Trustees have researched for 2 years. The current fire safety system was installed in 2006, when the Administration building was renovated. In the spring of 2017, we were notified by our fire safety company that our fire safety panel is being phased out. By 2023 all of the parts and components, such as the smoke detectors, pull stations and horns & strobes will be obsolete. Over the past two years, the Trustees have been making a list of requirements and researching companies. We have chosen Berkshire Systems Group, Inc. as our new fire safety vendor.

The Trustees decided to include some safety changes and enhancements to the new system. Some of the new changes include; the placement of the system; the new panel will be placed in the coat room, at the bottom of the ramp, near the door to the Memorial Garden. The current one is in a closet in the new nursery on the first floor. We are also having improved notifications. Meaning the monitoring company will send text messages and emails with details to the source of the problem. The current system does not do that.

Another improvement is the fire doors on the 2nd floor of the Administration building, at the top of the stairs, will remain open unless power is lost to the building or the fire safety panel senses an issue. Currently the doors remain closed and there are no windows, which could be a safety issue. The area with the most changes that the Trustees agreed on was in the Kitchen in Fellowship Hall. New enhancements will be a gas sensor which notifies the system when the stove pilot, grill or broiler goes out. As well as a sensor that detects when the fire suppression is triggered, concerning the stove. The final change is a horn and strobe light which will alert anyone in the kitchen area that the fire safety system has been triggered.

We also are including an expansion option, which means we can better manage the Education building and the Sanctuary if we choose to add those features in the future. Finally, our new Berkshire System is modular which will eliminate the “end of life” issues we are currently experiencing. Please know that these changes are important to our church building. Some will be visible, some will not, but our church will be better protected for our future.

One thing that we can be sure of – God has placed us here in this place, at this time. This community that surrounds our church property is our closest mission field so it is important that we know who that is. That can be challenging. To love and serve this community through Christ, as best as we can, we have engaged a service known as Mission Insite. To read more of this message, click here.

The Wayne Church Leadership Council is a team of eight to ten laypeople plus the Senior Pastor of the church. This team has general oversight of the administration and program of the local church and its primary task is to oversee the mission and vision of the congregation. This mission includes the work of Christian nurture, outreach and witness within the church family, in the community outside the church and our world.

Back row, left to right: Brian Ivey, Beth Lindgren, Sue Scott, Juan de Leon, Carolyn King-Layden,  John Wannenburg, Lindsey McGeehan
Front row, left to right: Pastor Tom Ebersole, Jarrod Quigley

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