On Sunday, December 9, Juan de Leon from the Leadership Council, spoke about Team Ministry. The church is currently preparing the 2019 Ministry team Directory. As of this week, we have received 148 commitment cards containing 611 commitments to the various teams. Thank you for your commitment to support Wayne Church’s mission to Love and Serve through Christ! At the last Council meeting we discussed the need for more volunteers for Children’s Ministry. The Safe Sanctuary compliance requires that two adults be present for any children activity or event. Childcare is provided for all church activities. There are four Ministry Teams that provide an opportunity to serve in this capacity.  We only have 4 commitments for Team #5. Children’s Sunday School Shepherds, Grades K-5th – For Team #6. Children’s Sunday School Preschool, Age 2.75 to PreK – we have 1. For Team #7 Children’s Sunday School Workshop Leader, Grades K-5th – we have 7. For Team #27 Worship Childcare Team – we have 9. We are undersubscribed to Love and Serve our children through Christ. If you would like to serve on one or more of these teams, you can use one of the commitment cards in the pews or just place a piece of paper in the offering plate or call into the office. Remember the teams needing support are 5, 6, 7 and 27. For a Team Ministry Commitment card, please click here!

One thing that we can be sure of – God has placed us here in this place, at this time. This community that surrounds our church property is our closest mission field so it is important that we know who that is. That can be challenging. To love and serve this community through Christ, as best as we can, we have engaged a service known as Mission Insite. To read more of this message, click here.

The Wayne Church Leadership Council is a team of eight to ten laypeople plus the Senior Pastor of the church. This team has general oversight of the administration and program of the local church and its primary task is to oversee the mission and vision of the congregation. This mission includes the work of Christian nurture, outreach and witness within the church family, in the community outside the church and our world.

Back row, left to right: Brian Ivey, Beth Lindgren, Sue Scott, Juan de Leon, Carolyn King-Layden,  John Wannenburg, Lindsey McGeehan
Front row, left to right: Pastor Tom Ebersole, Jarrod Quigley

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