Every other month, Wayne Church provides a home-cooked meal for the homeless at Chosen 300’s Pottstown location. We will need all church volunteers for this meal! This meal is accompanied with worship and a short message, all coordinated by our own volunteers. This partnership with Chosen 300 and its leaders began Christmas Eve 2016, when our church family family’s volunteers chose to spend their Christmas Eve giving back by serving the homeless in our very first Chosen 300 meal. All involved could not deny that it was not merely the hungry who were profoundly blessed that night, and the joy of that experience was greater than any money could buy—and so, our church continues this ministry on a regular basis, having seen that it is a far greater gift to give than it is to receive.

There are many ways you can support this project, from planning the worship service, to shopping for groceries, to cooking the food, to serving it on site on the night of the meal. Shopping, cooking, and serving take place in the week preceding the meal; to view the latest schedule, visit the online sign-up below. Many of these roles can overlap (e.g. cooking and cleanup, driving and serving) so please feel free to sign up for one or more tasks as your time allows!  We have many opportunities for your involvement, so check out the options via the link below!


Email Kimm Ebersole – ebersolekimm@gmail.com  -OR- Agnes Fischer – 5fischer.a@gmail.com!

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