• The History of the Bible (#E101 Floor 1R) Sundays @ 9:15am
    Contact Lowell Gustafson –
  • The Miracles of Jesus (Upper Room, #A204, Floor 2) Sundays @ 9:15am
    Contact Sue Scott –
  • Ladies Tuesday Morning Bible Study (Conference room) Tuesdays @ 10:15am
    Contact Nancy Brown –
  • Ladies Evening Fall Bible Study (Kimm Ebersole’s home) Alternating Wednesdays @ 7pm
    Dates: 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20
    Contact Kimm Ebersole –
  • A Study of the Apocrypha (Upper Room, #A204, Floor 2) Wednesdays @ 9:15am
    Contact Katie McNabb –
  • Prayer 101 (Upper Room, #A204, Floor 2) Wednesdays @ 7pm
    Contact Charles Caristan –
  • Simon Peter (Upper Room, #A204, Floor 2) Thursdays @ 7pm
    Contact Galen Black – 
  • Men’s Breakfast (The Well) 1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 6:15am
    Contact Pastor Tom Ebersole –

When: Starting Sunday, September 15 at 9:15am for 18 weeks
Where: Counters room (#E101, Floor 1R)

Have you ever wondered how the Bible came to be? Join us this fall as we study the story of the world’s most influential book. The Bible is not a prescription to a complete, fixed religious system, but rather a product of a long and intriguing process, which has inspired Judaism and Christianity, but still does not describe the whole of either religion. This class will be led by Lowell Gustafson. Questions? Contact Lowell at


When: Starting Sunday, September 15 at 9:15am for 7 weeks
Where: The Upper Room (#A204, Floor 2)

The Miracles of Jesus, by Jennie Allen, is about a God who can accomplish anything. Do you ever feel like the situation you’re facing is too big even for God? Sometimes we face problems, people, or circumstances that seem impossible to overcome. Yet the Bible shows us time and again how Jesus performed miracles during his time on earth. We see that he is generous, compassionate, and honoring toward all of us—and nothing is too big or too small for us to bring to him. Spend time exploring the four Gospels during this seven-session study, filmed on location in Israel. You’ll find yourself in awe of a God who relentlessly seeks, saves, and restores us. Questions? Contact Sue Scott at


When: Starting Wednesday, September 18 – 9:15-11:15am
Where: Upper Room (#A204, Floor 2)

Please join our Wednesday morning Bible Study as we tackle the Apocrypha. What’s the Apocrypha? It’s a series of 15 books written during the time between the Old and New Testaments. These books were originally included in the Septuagint, the version of the Hebrew Scriptures translated into Greek between the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC which was the early church’s Bible. While the Catholic Church generally includes them in the Bible, the Protestant does not. Come and see what you think. Questions, contact Katie McNabb at or at 610-724-9700.


When: Alternating Wednesdays, starting September 25 @ 7pm
Dates: 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20
Where: Kimm Ebersole’s Home (check directory for address)

Please plan to join us as we unpack this new 5 week bible study, written by the creators of “The War Room”. This study guides readers through examining how we determine and find our true identity in Christ. We will then watch the movie together as a group. Overcomer: Many people feel they are less than who God says they are. We get our identity from our careers, political positions, roles in the family, among other things. However, what is true about us is that we are made by a God who loves us, and the gospel can bring us into a relationship with Him. When we understand who God is, we understand who we are. Questions? Email Kimm Ebersole at


When: Starting Tuesday, October 1 @ 10:15 – 11:30am
Where: Conference Room

Ladies’ Morning Bible Study is continuing! We’ll start our studies off with the Book of Matthew. This is a nurturing group led by Nancy Brown, happy to have you regardless of your level of Bible knowledge. We move at a slow pace. Only requirement is a desire to connect and grow. We always open with a time of sharing and praying. Please consider giving our group a try! Questions? Contact Nancy at


When: Starts Wednesday, October 9 @ 7 – 8:30 pm
Where: Upper Room (A204, Floor 2)

After taking this 9 week class, expect to be a transformed person: comfortable, confident and bold in praying. Based on “Praying to Change Your Life” by Pastor Suzette Caldwell, this class will help you gain a greater understanding of why we pray, how to pray over any topic on earth and most importantly, to be effective in praying. This class will be led by Charles Caristan. Questions? Contact Charles at


When: Starting Thursday, October 10 @ 7pm
Where: Upper Room (A204, Floor 2)

He left everything to follow his teacher and possessed a passion that would change the world. That’s one way to describe Peter. Here’s another: poor, uneducated, quick-tempered, and full of doubts and fears. Doesn’t even sound like the same man. And that’s the point of this 6 week Bible study by Adam Hamilton. Peter was just an ordinary guy who followed God’s extraordinary call. Discover how you, too, have special gifts, talents, and abilities that God can use to make a difference today. Questions? Email Galen Black at



As Gen Z leaves the church in record numbers, the adults in their lives feel at a loss to stop the trend. Yet there are research-based and proven strategies that help young people both own their faith and effectively engage the world around them.  “So the Next Generation Will Know,” by Sean McDowell, provides strategies and practical tactics to help parents, youth leaders, and Christian teachers train the next generation with the truth of the Christian worldview. With the right training, the young people we work with don’t have to be another statistic. Join us at Men’s Breakfast in the Well to discuss!

Questions? Email Pastor Tom at Please join us!

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